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How Do We Decide If Gay Is Okay?

Thursday, April 23, 2009


“Christians in the first century employed four criteria to guide their thinking on controversial issues. We should do the same.

(1) the leading of the Holy Spirit
(2) personal experience
(3) Christian charity
(4) the written scriptures

When their traditional interpretation of the Old Testament caused them to reject saved Gentiles as part of the family of God, the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15, listened to the personal experience of Peter, Paul and others who witnessed the Holy Spirit actively blessing saved Gentiles.

Their eyewitness testimony was accepted as normative proof and convinced our spiritual ancestors that God loved, saved and affirmed believing Gentiles.

The twenty first century church should exercise the same common sense approach and affirm the personal experience and the evident working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of saved gays and lesbians.

Acts 15 is our relevant Biblical analogy and guide as the church slowly reverses course to embrace and affirm gay and lesbian Christians.”

Rick Brentlinger, founder of GayChristian101.com


Gay Christian 101 - Spiritual Self-Defense For Gay and Lesbian Christians

Gay Christian 101 - Spiritual Self-Defense For Gay and Lesbian Christians
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