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Grandma and the CFU

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The famous Ida fossil

"Great-Grammy Ida" - a very old lemur,
a long-tailed rat or
the eighth wonder of the world ?

The CFU - "credulous fool's union" - is at it again, this time pitching a 21 inch lemur fossil as their 47 million year old missing link "Grandma."

Never mis-underestimate the CFU. They intend to convince you that the Bible is not believable but that their science, falsely so called, is believable.

You should now add Great-Grammy Ida to your family photo album alongside Grandma Lucy.

No, not this Lucy! I'm talking about the other Lucy.

Just for the record, Jesus believed ALL of the Old Testament including the Genesis account of special creation by God apart from evolution, which precludes evolution as the mechanism of creation.

"O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken."
- Jesus, Luke 24:25

The CFU (credulous fool's union) insists you shouldn't believe the Biblical account of creation (everything God made reproducing after its kind) but you should instead believe their wacky, Bible-rejecting theories of origins, their puddle to paradise pipe-dream.

And Now, Here's Lucy...

Grandma Lucy, aka AL-288

SHE used to be their Grandma, hailed a few years ago as an entirely new, albeit sexually dimorphic (height challenged) species. Now Grammy Lucy has been supplanted by the even more diminuative Grammy Ida.

And so the sci-fi fantasy rolls on, fueled by (1) unbelief even among professing christians and (2) a desire to get rid of the authority of the Bible.

Don't let the hucksters and false prophets of science and religion put you off from believing the Bible and serving God. That wouldn't be prudent.


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