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Plato & Anti-Gay Christians

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Molech, the fire god mentioned in Lev 18:21, provides historical context for Lev 18:22

Many Christians who preach against gay and lesbian partnerships have embraced Plato's ancient creation theory, gilded it with a veneer of spirituality and now call it Christian.

Based on their Complementarian theory (that the only kind of marriage partnership God will bless is one man with one woman), they often assert that:
"homosexuality does not reflect the created order of God."
What they've missed in their study is that Complementarianism, "Christian" or otherwise, is a Platonic concept, not a Biblical doctrine.

Anti-gay Christians also assert that:
"All mentions of homosexuality in the Scriptures are cast in a negative light."
The fact is, every scripture alleged to mention homosexuality in a negative light is dealing with same sex activity in worship of the Canaanite fertility goddess (Ashtoreth), not homosexuality in general.

We should never cast aside sound hermeneutic principles when we discuss homosexuality. Wresting verses from their historical context and then labeling them as negative toward homosexuality is not honest or hermeneutically sound.

Don't allow the dishonest tactics of some anti-gay Chrstians to confuse your thinking.


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