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Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is a Comment I made on the Hip and Thigh Blog.


Thanks for your comments. While I am more theologically conservative than you (on the Bible issue) and than Fred (on almost everything except the gay issue), I appreciate much of what you've said.

I think Fred and the spiritually obtuse folks at Gay Christian Movement Watch have no idea (at least I hope they don't), how incredibly wounding it is to have hetero christians constantly call us perverts and constantly compare us to pedophiles.

The vicious arrogance and the vituperative rhetoric seem willfully designed to wound us and drive us away from fellowship.

In a time when many conservative christian church leaders have been divorced and remarried (sometimes three times, for goodness sake!), and when divorced and remarried persons hold positions of leadership in most conservative churches, it is odd to have those divorced and remarried partnerships described as NOT serial sin while monogamous gay couples who've been faithfully together for twenty years ARE described as committing serial sin.

And then there are the gay folks like me (and Jay) and many others who live celibate lives of service to God yet we are also stereotyped as perverts by our "christian" brothers like Fred and the spiteful folks at GCMWatch.

In my opinion, there is NOTHING Christ-like about professing to extend the love of Jesus to the gay community and then continually labeling all gays as perverts.

Fred and GCMWatch and their ilk will experience huge bonfires at the Judgment Seat of Christ (1 Cor 3) as they witness their works being burned in the fire of God's holy judgment.

Meanwhile, gay Christians who love God and believe the Bible continue to live for the Lord, witness, pass out tracts and win souls despite the vituperative comments of those who profess to love us.

Rick Brentlinger


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Gay Christian 101 - Spiritual Self-Defense For Gay and Lesbian Christians
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