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The Justice of God

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Is God fair?

Recently a frustrated, discouraged Christian sent me the following. He has allowed me to share it with you to get your responses.

If you've been saved and trying to live for God for very long, you may have wrestled with similar doubts and questions.

Feel free to leave your response as a Comment.
"No matter what I do or try, nothing is going my way. Once again the Great GOD and Savior is asleep at the wheel. If I tithe I have troubles. If I don't tithe I have troubles so what's the use?

If I pray I don't get a fraction of what I ask for. If I don't pray I still don't get a fraction of what I should get. Its all hocus pocus bull!

Why is it we have never seen or heard anyone come back to life since the time of the apostles?

Why do we pray for the unseen afflictions of the body like cancer but not for God to restore a lost limb?

Where are the things that we are supposed to do that are "greater" than Jesus did?

Unconditional love my ass! There is no such thing!

Christianity is a blind man's hopeless religion. Promises in the Bible always have a catch to them or they were written for someone else!

"Supplying all your need." That's the biggest joke of all.

What kind of power would create life only to punish it? I can understand a grown sinner getting it in the neck but when a baby is born into this world to suffer for a few years and then die, what is that?

We serve a God of pain and suffering. That's what brings Him joy and satisfaction - suffering, pain and confusion.

The Great GOD is sitting wringing His hands, not knowing what to do, while things are so messed up. All that power and never use it? Its all bull!

I'm so angry at God I could scream. He just doesn't care about me and all the Bible verses don't change that fact..."

As a born-again Christian, how would you respond?


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